About the artist

Florencia Guillen is a Mexican artist based in London. Working predominantly with time-based media her works tell a narrative, often delivered in the first person and drawing upon the artist's travels.

Guillen's work has two facets: individual reflection and social commentary. Using video diaries and sound, the artist maps her own journeys. From Moscow to Beijing or Port to Suburb, Guillen studies her environment seeking overlooked aspects of everyday life or specific local occurrences. The accompanying sound recordings often play on a time delay between the direct documentation of the video and the author's recollection of the scene. In other examples the commentary is less direct, highlighting the artist's personal responses to place. Other works take the form of mixed media installations and video documentaries which involve a direct engagement with their location or local community.

Shows and Updates

· A Kind of Writing, collaborative project with artists Sara Bjarland, Karien van Assendelft and Rebecca Birch. The project was granted an A-N Go and See Bursary for mobility to be carried out in December 2008.

· Betting on Shorts, 21st November 2008. Film screening at ICA in London and simultaneously screened in various European cities curated by Ricarda Vidal. For more information

· Gasworks international Fellowship, October - December 2008. For more information or

· Serie Dos Equis, Ithaca, June, 2008. Group show, organised by Jon Bonfiglio and curated by Beatriz Canfield . For more information

· Concurrencias, Valenzuela y Klenner Galeria, Bogota, Colombia, July –August, 2008. Solo show.

· 22nd April to 18th May, 2008 - Croyances Quotidiennes, Universitée de Strasbourg, France.